Realisation in good hands

Since 1994 we have been supporting insolvency administrators, banks and private clients in the realisation of companies and their plant and liquid assets. Our advisory and service work extends from drawing up inventories and valuation reports through sale of high-quality plant and machinery, and auctioning of complete company and business equipment, to providing support in the rehabilitative take-over of companies. With our comprehensive range of services we enable our clients to focus wholly on the strategic and legal aspects of their activities, drawing on our experience, expertise and commitment to ensure maximisation of realisation results. Since our founding we have grown steadily and are now among the leading industrial realisation companies.

The right team for the job

We employ experienced, well-trained specialists, including many experts from the key areas of commerce, law and technology. Alongside their professional know-how, their ability to work as part of a team is also very important. Whether they are legal experts, sales personnel or engineers, whether trainees or branch managers, all are pulling the same constructive way, and are focused on results. In addition, in view of increasingly merging markets, we strongly emphasise the importance of our managerial staff having well-grounded foreign language skills.

Proven and certified quality

Well defined quality standards are the basis for being able to rely on clearly structured and organised work processes: the same high quality at all times, at various sites, with changing teams. We have left nothing to chance, limiting the risk of error to a minimum through implementation of a consistent quality control system. Since February 2002, our quality management system is officially certified under DIN EN ISO 9001.

Direct line to the market

Our extensive data bank, managed in an exemplary way through regular written consultation with our contacts, is an important basis for successful sales and auctions. Thousands of purchasers and interested parties throughout the world are stored here, with records of their current needs. The high percentageof end users, such as manufacturing companies for instance, contributes to good yields - whether this involves the marketing of specialised machinery, vehicles or goods, right through to whole production lines and companies.

Perfect storage of secured goods and documents

Machines, vehicles, computers or business documents repeatedly need to be secured and stored for short periods - whether to protect them against theft and vandalism, or because buildings have to be cleared, or where frost or damp could cause damage. We can store a great deal, well-protected and well-insured against every eventuality, in our spacious, modern halls and in fenced, open-plan areas. And for everything that needs to stay where it is, on-site, our insurance can also be extended to external locations.