Full service on high level

Full service and quality provide for outstanding proceeds and a noticeable discharge of our customers. We offer detailed appraisals, internationally aligned auctions and sales as well as various support with the transferring reorganization.

Inventories and valuation reports

Reliable expert reports are an essential basis for all further steps. We offer solutions geared to various different requirements: from basic inventory for small-scale processes through to detailed reports with separate analysis of continuation and liquidation valuations, grading according to balance sheet positions, the exact elucidation of third party rights or careful valuation of storage stocks. Saving our clients time and work is our main criterion in drawing up reports. We supply data in a form that immediately allows them to be further processed.

Specialists in rehabilitative take-over

Where there are positive prognoses for continuation of a company, we support the take-over process. Ultimately what is at stake are jobs and sustaining non-material values. The special nature of selling businesses in crisis demands, however, a quite different type of expertise and procedure than the sale of healthy companies. In order to find investors for firms that have fallen on hard times, we are glad to offer the help of our experience, drawing up the company profile, developing the marketing strategy, testing take-over concepts and credit-worthiness of interested parties, and accompanying negotiations up to the point of take-over.

Individual plans for top-quality machinery and equipment

Individual plans are indispensible for successfully selling top-quality machinery and equipment whether it is a matter of drawing up sale documents, the worldwide search for potential purchasers, setting up and dismantling, or logistical and import questions. We will place the items with their new users in as direct a way as possible, drawing on technical expertise, sales skill and experience gained through many international transactions.

High-class international auctions

Industrial auctions are a core part of our business. From detailed survey to trouble-free transfer, we offer a full, top-class service. Through our good contacts and intensive marketing, in appropriate foreign markets too, our auctions stimulate international interest. The trouble we take reaps its benefits. At auctions we regularly achieve results which exceed expectations, and enjoy an and enjoy an equally good reputation amongst our clients and the purchasers.